Increase Style & Hatching O-Power in Lumiose City (Pokemon X/Y)

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I recently made a post on how to gain access to Lumiose City’s Boutique Couture. The method I’m about to share should help increase your style, but most importantly, will help give you the final O-Power you can obtain, which is the Hatching O-Power.

The Hatching O-Power lowers the amount of steps required to hatch an egg you received from the Day Care. NOTE: You MUST have all 16 other O-Powers to get the Hatching O-Power. If you’re not sure what you have, use this guide to help you.

Make sure you have at least 30,000P (I use P for Pokedollars/currency symbol). You’re going to go to the Pokeball Boutique shop and buy Premiere Balls – about 100-150 of them. If you’re trying to save money for anything else and it is available for use, I suggest using the Bargain O-Power to lower the prices. I only had Bargain Lv. 2, but it was enough to save me a few thousad: instead of spending 30,000, I spent 22,500. If you happen to have Bargain Lv. 3 unlocked, go ahead and use that for a better bargain.

All set? Checklist:

  1. Have at least 30,000 Pokedollars.
  2. Bargain O-Power Lv. 1, 2, or 3 (Optional)
  3. Head to Lumiose City’s Pokeball Boutique store.
    Location: From Northern Boulevard, enter Autumnal Avenue. Need a visual? This kind person here created a map of Lumiose City with a legend.
  4. Buy 100-150 Premiere Balls (I bought 150 to be safe) HOWEVER:
    Do NOT buy the balls all at once. What I did is repeatedly press A to spam-buy one Premiere ball each sale. Each buy raises your max style.
    – Stephan mentioned increasing his style after 100 buys. I tested this, buying 101 Premiere balls and it DOES work! So you can spend less than I did when using this method.

Once I hit 150 Premiere Balls, I went to Cafe Introversion (South Boulevard, refer to url above if still confused), and I saw that Mr. Bonding was there, waiting for me in the back of the Cafe.

I am now a happy breeder. I hope you are, too.

EDIT: Ignore what’s striked out; that was the theory before I tested it on another copy. I left it in case the method were to fail for anyone. This Premiere Ball method should work; all you need are the 17 O-Powers (link to list/locations above). As long as you have the other O-Powers, you’ll be able to receive the Hatching O-Power as well as buy the mega stones for 10,000P each.

All I explored (before realizing I was still missing just one more O-Power) was the hair salon, boutique, one restaurant (battled just once) and the Pokeball, stone, and herb stores. Other than that, no other building was visited; nothing else was bought.

Quick edit, until I get to a computer. For anyone that tried this with no success, read my comments below on why it might’ve not worked for you. But, in short, you must have explored Lumiose City to an extent for this method to work. (Though in most cases, it’s usually not having 16 O-Powers since there is a total of 17; Hatching O-Power being the last.)

However, I will add that using this method will certainly lower the prices for the Blastoisinite/Venasaurote/Charizrdite all the way down to 10,000P. So if you wanted them at the lowest price, this method absolutely works for that, even if you explored little to none of the city.



  1. It worked! Thank you so much! The guys selling the mega stone was only offering it 500,000 before I did this, but after buying 100 premier balls he offered it for 50,000. I can also go into the boutique. 🙂 Thanks!

    • You’re welcome! Really glad it worked out for you! ^_^ I wasn’t able to measure my style using that guy since I had bought my stones at 150,000. I had enough for it, so I thought nothing of it, but then I regretted it once I had no other way of measuring my style.. But it’s great to hear that you were able to do it and compare the before and after prices. Good luck bringing the rest down to 10,000 or if you already did/bought it anyway, enjoy your stones and new O-Power! 😀

  2. Thank you SO much for sharing this! I’ve been trying to get my style maxed out for over three days so I could speed up getting a shiny Froakie for a friend – I was maxed out within ten minutes of finding this. 😀 Thanks a million!

    • You’re welcome! I used this method for the same reason, except for shiny Gardevoir and Houndour. 😛 Good luck hatching your shiny Froakie! & maybe many more other shinies now that you have the Hatching O-Power! 😀

  3. Zarra

    So I gave this a shot and I have no idea what I did wrong but he wasn’t at the cafe, so I went back and bought more of the permier balls, and he’s still not there. Anyone else have this issue? I get the discounts everywhere now but I still can’t get the egg hatching power.

    • I’m sorry it didn’t work out, but I’ll do my best to help you out until you figure out what happened. First thing to check off: Have you made sure you have 15 O-Powers before maxing your style? Also, check with the man at the Stone Emporium to see how much he’s selling the Mega Stones for, if they’re above $50k, you might need to increase your style a bit more.

      • Zarra

        I’ll have to try when I get home from work, I’m pretty sure I have all 15 o powers tho

      • How did it work out? I tested this method out on another copy & found out that buying Premiere Balls basically works after you’ve done all other requirements for increasing your style in Lumiose City (one of my previous posts should have an image listing everything needed to fulfill the requirement). If you haven’t explored all of Lumiose City, that could be why. Purchasing Premiere Balls seems to work if doing everything required doesn’t work.

        I’ll give an example of what I mean by that; don’t quote me on this, though. Two of the ways to increase style is battling at restaurants and having Alexa give you a tour around the city. It’s believed you must have her show you around EVERY area and you must battle every type of battle in restaurants, but if you only have her show you around some parts and battled once at every restaurant (excluding Sushi High Rollers), buying Premiere Balls is an alternative.

      • Zarra

        I was missing one o power as soon as I got it he was in the cafe.

      • I guess that speech wasn’t necessary then, that’s my fault. ^_^;; I’m glad you were able to figure out your problem and fix it! Enjoy your hatching O-Power! (If you haven’t been already) 😛

  4. yohane

    same goes for me he wasnt there

    • I’ll have to edit this post since I did an experiment on another copy that didn’t explore Lumiose City. It’s safe to assume, after what I tried, that you must have explored everything that Lumiose City has to offer, including the battle cafes/fine dining. I didn’t need to do EVERY battle at every restaurant – except for Sushi High Rollers (or whatever that name was). I battled at least once in the three restaurants. But I’m going to test that out at a later time.

  5. Anonymous

    This is not what it takes.

    • Yeah, I tested it out on my fiance’s copy since I’ve had some people say it didn’t work for them. When I did this trick on his game, Mr. Bonding didn’t show up. But the difference between our games was that I explored Lumiose City; he didn’t. It must be that with doing everything required to increase style to max, purchasing the Premiere Balls just ensures him showing up as a last resort/step. Otherwise, simply doing this trick won’t work on its own.

  6. Ooooooooh my gawd. Please change it so that it says that there are 16 other O-POWERS. I went crazy because I did everything but I couldn’t get him to show up. I counted time and time again, seeing that I had 15 other O-Powers, then I checked Serebii and there were 16 others.

    • I did include the link to Serebii’s page about O-Powers to help others with the list, in case they didn’t acquire all of them; you happened to be the only one so far to point out the typo in my post. That could’ve been the only reason why others haven’t found success with this method, now that I think of it. That is my fault and I will fix that.

  7. Ronnie

    Worked like a charm for me. Although, I explored the city first. I bought stone at around 50,000P and had know way of checking my style points. Thanks

    • Glad it worked out! I had the same problem; I bought it way early at 150k each. (Didn’t know it could go lower than 100k!) If only there was one other way to measure style like maybe an NPC that said certain phrases at each level of style you met. But at least GameFreak didn’t make it too hard to figure out if you already bought the stones.

  8. Fabian

    I did wasted saw hard earned Poke dollars but this method really helped me out and I’m thankful to those who discovered it. 🙂

  9. ash pokemon


  10. Jason Marrow

    Just making sure the eggs are ALWAYS shiny right?

    • Jason Marrow

      I just tried and it wasn’t shiny.

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